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in Karlskrona, Sweden

THE ARTS DOT 2018 was a part of the annual Live Green Festival, a two-day festival of art, culture, atmospheric and world-class live music and sustainability held at Hoglands park, a central Karlskrona landmark during the Karlskrona Archipelago Festival. It was an outdoor event with a fun, festive atmosphere of public events, including live music, interactive activities, and delicious food and beverage choices. The inspirational atmosphere, sharing and igniting of a positive spirit.   

Behind the initiative to organise an art festival in Karlskrona is Karlskrona-based artist Lana Leuchuk (Sweden-Belarus). In collaboration with the Live Green Festival and Lanagraphic Design & Art Studio. Supported by Region Blekinge, Karlskrona Municipality and Klaura – pop up market.

Participated artists, 3-4 August 2018:

Victor Schegin (France), Petra Kossick (Germany), Vera Frederiksen Zhotkevich (Sweden), Emanuel Arnesson (Sweden), Jenny Svensson (Sweden), Yvonne Walther (Sweden).

Artists created a joint painting, painted live during the festival. The picture participated in a lottery contest, and all the money went to the Swedish Children’s Cancer Fund.

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