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The project was initiated by Lana Leuchuk and studio Lanagraphic in 2017 to promote art, bringing together local and international artists to contribute to the city’s cultural development. The purpose was to create meeting places for annual international events with art exhibitions and other interactive activities, where national and international artists, art enthusiasts and businesses can meet, develop cooperations and celebrate art on a beautiful Blekinge archipelago in the south of Sweden. Events were primarily organised in cultural buildings to highlight the unique cultural attractions in the city of Karlskrona and the region of Blekinge. This project focused on supporting and featuring talented artists to show their artworks, building cooperation, and encouraging the public’s interest in art.


The initial gatherings were festive, informal, and on a smaller scale. 

In 2018, a pilot project was launched with the aim of gaining insights and promoting growth in the form of an art festival. This involved developing a format, creating content, finding collaborators and funding a budget. The goal was to become self-sufficient in the long run. The first event took place in August and was successfully embedded within the Live Green Festival and the Archipelago Festival in Karlskrona. Artists from various disciplines—painting, sculpture, textile art and photography —shared their perspectives and techniques. More information about Arts Dot 2018 can be found here.


The subsequent editions took place in 2019 and 2021.

Attendees of these events experienced artworks from a variety of international and Swedish artists. Among the artists featured were those from Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Finland, Poland, Belgium, and Hong Kong, as well as Swedish artists from Blekinge, Skåne och Östergötland. Among the activities were physical & augmented reality art exhibitions, artist talks & conversations, artist conclaves & cultural tours, workshops & public seminars. More information about Arts Dot 2019, including pictures from the event, can be found here, and from the event 2021, see here.


Karlskrona, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, seamlessly blends history and modernity. Beyond the historic core, Karlskrona offers access to the stunning Blekinge archipelago—a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers.

Stumholmen, a small island connected to Karlskrona, houses attractions like the Naval Museum and the Hyper Island educational complex.

Skärva herrgård is the historic estate that was constructed between 1785 and 1786 and served as a summer residence for the shipbuilder Fredrik Henrik af Chapman. It is now part of the Karlskrona World Heritage Site and is situated by the Baltic Sea, approximately 7 kilometres away from Karlskrona.

Johannishus is a historic estate located in Ronneby Municipality, Sweden. It dates back to 1658 and is situated near the Listerbyån river and south of Lake Listersjön.

The event was also planned for 2020 at a unique venue in the UNESCO World Heritage site in Karlskrona city – Vattenborgen. The cultural Norman-style building from the 18th century is located in the centre of Karlskrona, on the island Trossö. This attractive venue was a perfect place to gather together, exchange ideas and make connections. The event program and the list of international and national participants were ready. Unfortunately, the event could not occur due to the Corona pandemic, so The Arts Dot 2020 was cancelled. 


The driving force behind The Arts Dot was a handful of dedicated individuals who believed in the transformative power of art. The visionaries envisioned a space where artists could connect, collaborate, and showcase artworks beyond traditional gallery settings.

Over the years, all events have been planned and organised by groups of enthusiasts, passionate artists and experts who contributed their time and resources, putting their hearts and souls into producing happenings and art exhibitions. An enormous gratitude to those organisations, local enterprises and individuals for all the generosity and commitment that have truly made a difference! 

Organisations that have supported The Arts Dot events and made it possible were Region Blekinge, Karlskrona municipality, Klaura pop-up Market, Live Green, Blue Science Park, Swedbank, Studieförbundet Vuxenskola, Heimstaden and Centrumföreningen.


The Arts Dot ranged from traditional arts to new technology installations.

It included an open, transparent and accessible organisation where emerging talents and established artists with no age limit could join the collective and influence the outcome of the events.

The Arts Dot facilitated dialogues on collaborations and artists’ development.

Through its non-profit association, Konst I Blickpunkt, it continues to support artists and promote arts.


The Arts Dot remains dynamic, adapting to changing times.

As technology and art intersect, it embraces new mediums, virtual spaces, and hybrid experiences.

Its legacy lives on through the friendships forged, ideas sparked and initiatives of the non-profit association “Konst I Blickpunkt” and its members.


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Event identity for the international events and online presence for the project

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Developing an event programme, art direction and event coordination

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