Lana Leuchuk

I’m a human-centred designer striving to create products, services and experiences that have a positive impact. Available for a contract job or full-time position.

After working for 20 years in the field of graphic design and visual arts, I have developed a sharp sense of form, colour, typography and good design. However, designing a good product or experience is not just about aesthetics. I am equally committed to conducting extensive research to understand people’s needs, market landscape and business objectives to create products and experiences that add value to people’s lives and make sense for companies.

I enjoy working with colours, shapes, forms and layouts, and I also strive to promote the well-being of individuals and the planet. My ultimate goal is to achieve a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability in my designs. By doing so, I ensure that my creations have a positive impact on people, society, and the environment.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Interaction Design from Linnaeus University (Kalmar, Sweden), and I’m very proud of the work that went into achieving that. 

Currently, I am seeking a contract job or full-time position, ideally in Blekinge County, Sweden. However, I am open to remote work globally. 

Skill Set


Stakeholder interviews
Concept mapping
Project planning
Design Brief
Participatory workshops


Agile approach to product development
User-Centered Design
Design Thinking
Visual Thinking


Foundational research
Design research
Design principles & usability
User journey mapping
User flow, user case
Sketching & freehand drawing
Hi-fi prototyping
Graphical user interface & layout
Visual identity


Adobe XD
Adobe Premiere Pro
Microsoft Office

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