Interface Design for the Browser Extension


Choosing what to study and where to study is one of the most important decisions you will make. As someone who understands the significance of this decision, I have worked on a new product called EduSelect. This product is a browser extension that collects information about education programs from various online sources and compiles publicly available information about courses. This helps prospective students to compare different educations and to find the right education program. The focus of EduSelect is on the experiences of former and current students. However, the service also includes employers who are looking for students for their thesis work and a qualified workforce.

A personal study project.

My role

User interface designer


Target group analysis
Colour theme and logo design
Interactive prototype


4 weeks, December 2021


Target group analysis

The goal of the target group analysis was to investigate the extent of the project work. This was done by examining who the potential users might be, as well as their reasons for using the service and how they would use it. The analysis focused on specific questions to gain a more comprehensive understanding of what the application is and what it could potentially be.

I am currently updating the description of the design process