Interactive Book The Sustainability Literacy Program

Design a digital interface for an interactive book of five modules where kids and their parents learn about sustainability science in an engaging and fun way.

The book offers adults and children a conversation about social and ecological sustainability. Through common activities, the book teaches users the principles of sustainability and gives tips on how to create a sustainable lifestyle.

Interactive content was created to present the information in a digital book as a Hi-Fi prototype in Axure. I worked on the design solution’s concept, research and presentation. Clickable graphical elements in the prototype, short quiz questions at the end of every module, and the rewards throughout content sections make an engaging experience and encourage topic exploration.  

Project’s objectives:

  • Design a digital learning interface where kids and their parents learn sustainability science in an easy, funny, and engaging way.  
  • Design of the Sustainability Guardian Character


User Research and UX artefacts

Interviews and user testing
Empathy map
Context scenario
Customer Journey

Landing page

A landing page is designed to reflect the book’s concept and invite users to participate in the program.

Graphic design

Creating visual elements, colour themes, illustrations and icons

Design of the Sustainability Guardian Character

Character design from scratch




Program developed by:

The International Sustainability Collaborative; The Natural Step; Folkuniversitetet in Blekinge; Latvia Adult Education Association; Claned Group

Funded by:

Nordic Ministers Council — Nordplus Adults