Visual Identity for the Arts Dot Exhibitions

Deliverables: Visual brand identity and online presence for the project 2018, 2019, 2021. 

Deliverables included: Art Direction • Strategy • Project Management • Event Coordination • Graphic Design • Marketing Materials • Visual Identity • Logotype Design •  Posters • Flyers • Roll-ups • Booklets • Stickers • Certificates • Social media • Announcements •  Homepage.

For more about the project, see here.

The Arts Dot is a project designed by Lanagraphic to promote art, bring together local and international artists, and make a connection. The idea was to organise events dedicated to visual arts as a means of communication and promotion of culture and do a mix of arts and businesses. The Arts Dot is a celebration of contemporary arts showcasing the works of international and national artists on a beautiful Blekinge archipelago in the south of Sweden.