Visual Identity for the Arts Dot Festival

The Arts Dot is a project designed by Lanagraphic to promote art, bring together local and international artists, and to make a connection. The idea was to organise events dedicated to visual arts, as a means of communication and promotion of culture, do a mix of arts and businesses. The Arts Dot is a celebration of contemporary arts showcasing the works of international and national artists on a beautiful Blekinge archipelago in the south of Sweden.

The Arts Dot is an annual international meeting point for artists and art lovers, an art exhibition that takes place in Karlskrona. 

Deliverables: Visual brand identity and online presence for the project. 

Deliverables included: Art Direction • Strategy • Project Management • Event Coordination • Graphic Design • Marketing Materials • Visual Identity • Logotype Design •  Posters • Flyers • Roll-ups • Booklets • Stickers • Certificates • Social media • Announcements •  Homepage.

More about this project here.