Certificates to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of young artists

Konstrundan in Blekinge celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2024. To mark the occasion, two young artists were awarded scholarships at the opening reception at Kulturcentrum Ronneby Art Gallery.


The anniversary committee has been planning for over six months towards this celebration. The team consisted of four members:
Annika was responsible for managing contacts with schools, teachers, and scholarship recipients.
Solgerd took charge of refreshments at the opening reception of the art exhibition and also communicated and booked the restaurant for the party.
Kerstin was responsible for taking meeting notes and communicating with Konstrundan’s members.
I was involved in the team throughout the entire planning phase.

My contribution

I was responsible for designing the certificates that were later printed and handed over to the recipients.

I began by conceptualizing the design that should use the association’s identity. The objective was to create an abstract background that could enhance the certificate’s appearance, so I utilized the red and green colours that represent the association. Additionally, in celebration of the anniversary year, I added a gold colour to create contrast and a festive flair.

The waving flag is a part of the association’s identity, so I chose to create a picture for the background that resembles a flag fluttering in the wind. As the scholarship recipients are students of the image and design department, I worked on an illustration that highlights and reinforces the overall theme.

The final image in the certificate features a modern abstract design that has a gradient of colours on both the left and right sides. The design consists of fluid shapes in shades of green, red, and yellow, all set against a mostly white background. The shapes have a wavy appearance and are layered, creating a sense of depth. This type of image serves as a stylish background for the certificate.

About Konstrundan in Blekinge

Konstrundan i Blekinge is an annual eventthat takes place in the Blekinge region of Sweden. This event celebrates local artists and their work. 43 artists, with a diverse range of artistic expressions, participated in Konstrundan 2024. Visitors had the opportunity to meet artists at their studios and exhibitions, learn about their creative processes, and discover new works of art. In addition to individual studios, there was a collective exhibition at the Ronneby Kulturcentrum located in central Ronneby.


Konstrundan i Blekinge